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St. Mary Food Bank has different services to reach a wide client base. We have a food distribution system for low income clients who require a helping hand. We distribute from our warehouses at three location: Coopers, Dundas and Streetsville.

Our Mission

& Vision

Our mission is to feed the hungry and engage our community in the fight to end hunger and poverty.

Our Vision is to maintain our operations as one that is action oriented, always flexible and never bureaucratic. We want to be known as a high quality organization with integrity and respect for all people in ultimate confidentiality.

Our Services

St. Mary’s Food Bank serves more than 3000 people every month at our three locations in Mississauga. Within Mississauga we are currently serving a total of 10 postal code areas. St. Mary Food Bank also has many other services to assist low income families; these services include: Meals on Wheels, St. Joseph Community Kitchen and KM Dental Clinic.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides food to persons and family that are not able to physically come to the food bank.

Please note that meals on wheels volunteers usually deliver food after their shift hours to clients that they have been provided for that day.

See contact us page for hours of operation.

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St. Joseph Community Kitchen

St. Joseph Community Kitchen started with a soup kitchen, currently running two days a week, in collaborating with community agencies and commissions, access to individuals to social and personal skills programs to assist the clients integrate in the community.

The program offers hot meals at St. Mary Food Bank’s Dundas location (1699 Dundas St. E., Mississauga, ON, L4X 1L5), and as well to deliver meals to people in need and home bound. St. Joseph Community Kitchen facility includes a dine-in-area, serving area, preparation room, kitchen, counselling offices and a training room.

See contact us page for hours of operation.

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